In 2014, I had a very interesting collaboration with, a brand that gathers and promotes young, successful professionals in Montreal. I combined my interests and talents, namely business development, writing and attending amazing events with my fellow socialites, and wrote about great people, restaurants and events. Here’s one of my favorite pieces: 

   Rosewood is not even officially open yet and it already    feels like home. Like most residents of the Old Port, my  fridge is always empty and a good place to walk to in jeans and flip flops to eat, drink and socialize is a basic necessity. But there’s a way to do it in style, and Rosewood has totally nailed it.

 The decor reminds me of several places at once without resembling anything I’ve seen. You could try to describe it as a has-been-rock-bar-turned-into-a-diner-and-a-little-glamour-came-along. I just love it. I was sitting at my table on the front stage, but I never felt like I was in the spotlight. I could just be myself. The music helped, playing all the good rock songs from my teenage years which I rarely get to hear in my usual Old Port hangouts: Our Lady Peace, Pearl Jam, Guns’N’Roses.

The owners wanted to offer food that is good and easy to eat, mostly with our hands and without breaking the bank. My burger was surprisingly easy to devour: my teeth went right through the bread and caught the juicy meat and all condiments right at the first bite. I finally found a burger that allows you to eat its flesh without having to fight the bun. The poutine, made with a special mushroom sauce, had a classy taste without losing its simplicity. The drinks were fresh and enriched with delicate herbs and spices to give it a unique kick. Oh, and what can I say about the homemade ice cream sundae? Orgasmic.

Within an hour the place was full. The crowd had a few familiar faces – my Old Port neighbors and the local restaurants’ staff. Everyone just feeling groovy and relaxed. Even the owners looked a little more unwound than usual. And then one of them, Julian, whispered to my ear the sweetest words: “You know we do take out, too.”

Oh yeah! Rosewood just became the official comfort food supplier for my me-time-home-alone nights!

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