In 2014, I had a very interesting collaboration with, a brand that gathers and promotes young, successful professionals in Montreal. I combined my interests and talents, namely business development, writing and attending amazing events with my fellow socialites, and wrote about great people, restaurants and events. Here’s one of my favorite pieces: 


Hello Lionel! We Love You!

Lionel Richie rocked Montreal on July 28 at the Bell Center. And he moved me in a way I wouldn’t have thought.

See, I’ve had the chance to meet with him a few years ago and I kept in touch. Being invited to his show was like a gift from heaven and I felt very strongly about seeing him on stage for the first time. But then as he was thanking the crowd for allowing him to enter their homes and hearts for so many years, I realized that everyone felt just as close to him. Lionel’s songs are alive in everyone’s heart and are present in every love story. So the crowd, including myself, became “us” and we all went down memory lane together with him.

Lionel is as comfortable with a crowd as he is with a group of friends. He is warm, eager to connect and he loves a good laugh. He played a prank on us, raising our hopes of seeing Diana Ross appear on stage to sing Endless Love with him – but we soon forgot the disappointment when the entire crowd sang her part in a magical moment. He rocked us with his beloved Commodores classics, revealing a particular attachment for the eighties period of his life. He sat down to his piano and played all the love songs we have cried, dreamed and made love to. Our last moments with him on stage were dedicated to Michael Jackson with whom he wrote We Are the World, which we all sang together in a euphoric connectedness. And then away he went.

Thank you Lionel for allowing us to live once again, for a brief moment, the most vibrant emotions we have experienced in our lives. Your music is all about love and it feels good to know you’ll always be there to soothe our hearts.

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