Translation – Our Strategic Approach

Bilingual communications (French and English) are mandatory for most businesses operating in Quebec, but managing them on a daily basis is still a challenge for many. Employees are rushed to create content and send it through the normal approval process. Translation is seen as an additional step where you lose sight of your content as you get closer to your deadline. What if your translation partner was a business person herself whose objective was to help you deliver on yours? Vinkit has that business mindset. Beyond the linguistic translation tasks, we think about how we can make your business life easier. We can propose ideas and work in different ways to bring compelling content to market and help you close the deal with your customers.

“I understood what is a value added service when I started sending my translation projects to Vinkit. I always get a high quality, proactive and personalized service. Vinkit reviews my source documents and adapts to my internal clients’ feedback, which saves me a significant amount of time. I strongly recommend Vinkit to any Manager looking for impeccable deliverables both in French and English.”  – Paule Pelletier, Internal Communications Manager, Aimia

Sales, Marketing, Communications

With over 10 years of experience in corporate sales and business development in Quebec, Vinkit’s leader sees your writing activities from a strategic perspective. We can help fine tune your original content and even create some for you. Our team of experienced business communicators understands the nuances in sensitive organizational communications. They see your marketing material as a sales pitch intended for your customers. They consider the impact of the words they chose.

We become your voice, in another language.

  • Employee communications
  • Marketing material
  • Website content
  • RFPs, business proposals
  • Articles
  • Training manuals
  • Client presentations
  • Strategic review
  • Proofreading
  • Certified translators available

Legal Documents

Translating legal material requires legal expertise – not only excellent terminologists. All of our legal translators have at least two years of education in the field of law (LLB, JD, etc.). Translations are reviewed by a certified linguist, and then reviewed again by a lawyer for legal substance. Our editors have at least an undergraduate degree in law combined with a master’s in legal translation, or the equivalent experience (five years minimum).
Securities law

  • Continuous disclosure obligations
  • Prospectuses
  • Financial statements and MD&A

Tax law

  • Tax advices and opinions
  • R&D tax credit filings
Civil litigations

  • Formal demand letters
  • Examinations and cross-examinations
  • Expert witness reports

Intellectual Property

  • Patents
  • IP licenses / IP assignments

Financial Translation

Financial translation presents a whole set of challenges: a complex system, highly technical terms and very tight deadlines that require a well-oiled translation team. Our financial translators are experienced specialists with backgrounds in administration, economics or law. They will work with our marketing experts to deliver compelling communications to your investors. We can cater to financial institutions, investment funds, brokerage, companies of all sizes and law firms.
  • Prospectuses
  • Annual Reports
  • Funding Agreements
  • Equity Research reports
  • Quantitative Analyses
  • Financial Disclosures
  • Investment Reports
  • Financial Marketing Material


Our network of resources has expertise in a vast array of domains, including technical, engineering, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, as well as many language pairs.